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Due to sexual differences, there are some illnesses and diseases that are only diagnosed in men or only in women. For women, one of the leading causes of fatality around the world is cervical cancer. It is a type of cancer in the cervix (the opening of the uterus). To detect the presence of precancerous cells in the cervix, a Pap Smear (Pap Test) is necessary.

elderly couple consulting to a doctorAt Omega Family Clinic, we conduct Pap Smear Tests as one of our services.
According to Healthline.com, here is how often you should get your pap smear tests:

  • Less than 21 years old, not sexually active, no risk factors – none needed
  • Less than 21 years old, sexually active – every 3 years
  • 21-29 – every 3 years
  • 30-65 – every 3-5 years if your pap smear and HPV tests are negative
  • 65 and older- you may no longer need pap smear tests, talk to your doctor to determine your needs

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